It started in 2009. During a holiday in Mexico Anniek became very ill. The long flight and the dehydration endured in Mexico was devastating for her body. This may have been the trigger for the Lyme disease. She has never been her old self since.

Anniek became weaker and more ill and had several treatments, without any results. She went to an internist who diagnosed her with CVS/ME, and, amongst other things, she followed an intensive medic rehabilitation programme guided by a physiotherapist, physiologist, occupational therapist and an internist. She got more ill instead of better and had to quit the programme.

It did not matter how many doctors Anniek went to (it have been a lot), no one knew what they could do to help her. Her health deteriorated more and more. Anniek researched the Lyme disease, and her symptoms seemed very consistent with the symptoms of that disease (amongst others, memory problems, impaired concentration, severe headache, hypersensitivity to stimulance of the senses (light and sound) and muscle ache). When Anniek was younger, she had a spot on her chin, surrounded by a red circle. At the time, no one thought of this as a tick bite, but as a petrified hair follicle. With this in the back of her mind, Anniek got tested for Lyme disease. In the Netherlands, the test was negative. In 2013, Anniek opted to be tested in Germany. She heard and read a lot about tests in the Netherlands, and they appear to be unreliable when, for instance, you already have the disease for a long time. According to the German tests, she has the Lyme disease, accompanied with co-infections.

As Anniek does not have the Lyme disease according to the Dutch tests, doctors are unable to provide her with antibiotics. She then underwent a half year of researched in the Medical Centre Radboud in Nijmegen, but they could do nothing for her. In the meantime, her physical condition continued to deteriorate. Anniek went through several other treatments, but each time the response of her body was too fierce and it was getting worse. At the moment, she is too weak for antibiotics and reacts heavily to natural medication. The pain in her head, the hypersensitivity to stimulance, the muscle ache and tensions etc. are getting worse and worse. She has lost a lot of weight and mainly lies in bed or on the couch.

Anniek has researched the diverse treatment methods for the Lyme disease in the Netherlands and abroad. It appears that America is miles ahead in the field of (amongst other things) the Lyme disease. Here they look at each patient individually and assess what is necessary and best at that moment. To finance such treatment, Anniek will need EUR 70,000 up to EUR 100,000. This will include the treatments, the doctors consultations, the several researches, medication and travel and transport costs. For Anniek, this seems like the only option.

For further questions about Anniek, her symptoms, the treatments and her journey to America, please contact info@hopeandbelieve.com.

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